İpek Tekdemir

Ipek Tekdemir is an advisor with a focus on strategic communication, capacity-building, policy and business development. Ipek has a demonstrated track record in relationship building and cross-cultural diplomacy between the EU, Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia. She is an active fundraiser for charity and passionate tennis player. Ipek Tekdemir is a strong believer in civility, empathy and goodwill: it will take courage to heal, come together and cooperate on global issues. Policy-Makers, businesses and civil society have to learn to use all instruments to build a sustainable future for the planet and themselves.



İsmail Arslan
Project Manager

İsmail Arslan studies Law and Business Administration as double major at TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara, Turkey. He focuses on commerce and commercial law issues from a diverse perspective of law and business. Mr. Arslan is an active student in university communities He is a Vice-Chairman of the Board of TOBB ETÜ Law Community, and the Broadcast Team Member of Tüze Journal of Law. He has organized various events in Turkey and in Brussels so far. İsmail Arslan has a versatile personality and good communication skills. He is interested in law, business, economics, and literature. He speaks Turkish, English, Kurdish, and Arabic at different levels.



Ella Rajaobelina

Ella Rajaobelina is a young Malagasy woman who recently completed her studies at SOAS University in London. She comes from a multicultural background having grown up in Africa – Madagascar and Senegal, and having followed a French educational cursus. She has always been into defending social causes, as her International Rotary membership and different volunteering actions shows. That is why she chose to do a BA in Global Development Studies, where she learned how to tackle different development issues from a deconstructed, community-led approach. Having focused on African cases throughout her studies, she aims at offering perspective and vision from her knowledge.


Gökçe Özçiftci

Gökçe Özçiftci was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. She’s the fourth generation of immigration in Belgium. After graduating from Lycee La Retraite du Sacré- Cœur with honours, she studied politics and international relations at the Goldsmiths University of London, where she received an award for her extra-curricular work. Ms Ozciftci is also the project officer of the EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group based in Brussels. Furthermore, she got selected to be part of the Belgian Youth Forum, representing the voice of young Belgians regarding climate matters and sustainable development. Gokce Ozciftci is also a columnist for Daily Sabah. Her area of focus is sustainability, climate and European politics. She speaks French, English, Turkish and Dutch.